The toy industry undergoes some of the most riveting developments in creative brilliance and engineering today. So it’s not a surprise that as 2016 comes to a close the hottest toys on the market today are among some of the most ingenious and cutting edge products that can be found in the backpack of almost every kid on the playground. From interactive technology toys to the rapid growth of STEM toys (science, technology, engineering and math toys), check out our blog on The Growth of STEM Toys, toy development has never been more exciting. Here is a list of just a few of some of the hottest toy trends right now.

Robotic Toys

What child hasn’t seen Star Wars and wanted their very own R2-D2 or BB8 to accompany them around? 2016 may not have given us artificial intelligence but in children’s toys it has gotten pretty close. Robotic companion toys aren’t new but new technologies are helping to create some of the most advanced robotics in toys for kids, retailed at various price ranges.. Education is one of the primary benefits children receive from engagement with these toys, and in many cases, the lines are blurred between playing and programming.


Extreme Athletics Toys

Sports toys have always been a popular choice for kids of various age groups but these days sports toys across the spectrum have begun to take the thrill and excitement of play time to a whole new level! A few years ago toys like the Crazy Kart, put an exciting twist on an old idea. Since then, extreme athletics toys are more popular than ever. Water sports toys like water carpets and winter sports toys such as Snow Moto Zips are more popular than ever among thrill-seeking kids.

License Toys

With the popularity of film franchises like Avengers and Star Wars, film and TV toys are among some of the most common artifacts in a child’s backpack these days. Every child has a favorite character that they like to have. From action figures of the latest superhero films to themed props, the market of licensed toys has grown only larger with the increase of popular film franchises. Not only do these toys allow kids to own a special part of their on-screen heroes but they also appeal to every child who’s ever gone to the movies. Characters such as Mash’Ems and Fash’Ems are prime examples of popular toys that appeal to a broad range of children.



Education and child development are always primary focuses when deciding how a child should spend his/her free time. STEM toys are doing the remarkable job of teaching kids important problem solving skills, all while keeping them entertained until the sun goes down. Innovative engineering in STEM toys helps children learn vital science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills, while the brain is in a period of important development. Even the classic Lego model never fails to entertain and educate young minds and can be found in nearly every child’s room across North America.

As 2016 enters its final months the only question is what will come next? With new technology and creative ideas flowing through an industry where the name of the game is to entertain and educate children, it is certain that the next wave of new toys will be exhilarating kids for untold hours to come.


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