Readily available in many forms, toys tailor to the wants of diverse children and are a popular means of enabling interaction, as well as encouraging individual play. The toy industry will continue to revolutionize so that it can appeal to the child consumer, and as the celebratory season makes its way into homes, parents and grandparents are on the lookout for some of these popular toys. From collectibles to STEM toys, here is a list of toy trends to likely top your child’s wish list this Christmas.



STEM toys have been revolutionized to keep up with customer demands. These science, technology, engineering and math toys, are growing in popularity since they are great ways to engage children while simultaneously expanding on their intellectual horizons. Although they incorporate educational elements, these toys make hands-on learning fun in a natural play environment. Moreover, technology is on the rise as a result of newer technology continually entering the market. From smart phones and tablets to gaming devices, the toy industry has changed to match this market trend. Coding focused toys are examples of toys that teach children useful skills that hone critical thinking skills.[1]

Dory & Paw Patrol


Collectible toys are perfect for imaginative play and have risen in popularity as a result of their collectability element. These collectibles can be played with individually or, in most cases, play sets are readily available to add extra adventure to your child’s imaginative play style. From Mash’ems and Fash’ems to tiny cars and dolls, collectibles are suitable for all children and pave the way for creative play.

Kids Playing

Outdoor Toys

From scooters and princess carriages to water guns and flying helicopters, active play toys are perfect for stimulating your child’s mind while encouraging active play in an outdoor setting. Outdoor play has been a traditional way to spend free time with family and friends, and it encourages children to play outside while enjoying what nature offers.[2]

Color N Glow Hello-Kitty-Color-n-Glow










Arts & Crafts

For the artist, there are toys that allow your child to hone their artistic skills. For example, building 3d creations with the ImagiPen or drawing images that come to life with the Color n Glow, are great ways to take drawing to another level.

These toys trends are sure to help you with choosing the right gift for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew. Whether you choose to focus on STEM-focused toys or collectibles, Toyland is full of endless gift possibilities.

Happy Holidays!

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