With 2017 in full swing, children around the world can look forward to a new slate of toys, movies and games that will keep them fully engaged. Popular entertainment franchises continue to play a big role in driving child consumer interest in the toy industry. Here is a list of toy trends featuring some popular characters that will likely be near the top of your child’s wish list for upcoming birthdays and other events!


Blind bag collectibles continue to be one of the top toy trends in the market. Driven by creative licenses from some of the most beloved children’s franchises, collectibles encourage children to socialize and trade with friends to complete sets of their favorite characters. Tech 4 Kids’ Mash’Ems, Fash’Ems, Squishy Pops and MicroLites series of licensed collectibles brings popular franchises right into the palms of your child.  Iconic franchises like Spiderman, Peppa Pig, My Little Pony and Paw Patrol are just a few of licenses under Tech 4 Kids’ portfolio. In addition, with the upcoming release of the Lego Batman movie, a new Mash’Ems series of Batman characters featuring metallic paint will also be great companions for children as their interest in the world of Batman is re-ignited.


STEM toys will continue to be a hot commodity this year with parents who want to help their children get an early understanding of science, the arts and mathematics for school. Products such as Storytime Theater use popular electronics such as tablets in conjunction with their creative licenses encourage the development of crucial skills such as literacy. The toy industry will continue to evolve and cater towards incorporating the most relevant technology in their products to ensure that child consumers can develop their skills in critical thinking while having fun simultaneously!

Outdoor Activities

Millennial parents are naturally health conscious not only for themselves but also for their children. Spending time outdoors is key to the physical development of any child. Products that encourage children to participate in outdoor activities should be at the top of the list for any healthy-minded parent. Products like Snow Riderz, makes use of popular characters such as The Avengers and the Frozen princesses to accompany your child, niece or grandchild as they step out to the great outdoors!

Ultimate Creators

Toys and crafts that teach kids how to design a product can be instrumental in helping a child unlock their potential in the creative arts, architecture or even engineering. Model kits such as 3D Magic 3D Maker allow kids to design and create their own toy models which in turn, offer a great sense of pride for them. The masterpieces they create can even be used to impress their friends and family!

These trends will be great to keep in mind when choosing your next gift for your child or child-at-heart. Whether you choose STEM or a collectible, the products that are available in the toy market today have you covered on all fronts. Happy toy hunting!