Today is Star Wars Day, but tomorrow will be the Revenge of the Fifth. Is your kiddo a Sith or a Jedi? Are they fighting for the dark side or for the alliance? With the emergence of the new Star Wars movie, there’s a ton of new little fans out there—which is all for the better! Help your little one get into the Star Wars spirit once again with some of our slick toys.



Battle time!

Entertain the kids for hours with Tech4Kids Star Wars Darth Vader, Yoda, and Luke Skywalker Action Lites. Have a mini party with some of their friends over—make Star Wars themed cookies and snacks, and encourage the kids to pick sides. Get them in the mood with a screening of the most recent film—or one of the older ones if they prefer the classics!


Nighttime exploring

Switch things up before bedtime by letting the little ones play with their Star Wars Glo Vision Glasses that allow them to see in the dark with a glowing flashlight. They’ll tire themselves out in no time if you hide some little “surprises” around their room and help them look for them in the dark. Enjoy being the cool parent when your kids show off their sweet new glasses and help them celebrate Star Wars Day in style!


Bedtime fun

Our Star Wars Project A Lite lets kids show off six different Star Wars related images and project their favorite characters on the wall. Get cozy and cuddled up in bed and let them talk to you about their favorite universe and explain each character. A great bonding experience and a way for you to get to know your little one a bit better, showing your kids that you have a genuine interest in hearing about what they love will bring you closer together and help foster and build trust and communication.

Remember, Star Wars Day only comes once a year, but the happiness and joy you can bring to the little ones on this special day will last a lifetime. Capture those smiles and remember to use the Force for good.

Check out the video below to see how fans celebrated Star Wars Day, and don’t forget to reach out afterwards and tell us how you did! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter @techfourkids, and Instagram @tech4kids.

May the 4th Be with You: How Fans Celebrate Star Wars Day on Disney Video