When looking back at the history of Tech 4 Kids, you might ask yourself what inspired such a company. At Tech 4 Kids, we are a passionate group of individuals, and our purpose is to deliver wow and create excitement for kids. As we continue to develop and adapt to the needs of children, the products we create will generate joy and spark children’s imagination. When we think about our company values and the goals we hope to achieve, it reminds us about why we began in the first place. As we look back at our history, the many principles that were put into place is what will help shape our future. Join us as we take a look back at our history, and take a walk down memory lane.

The company was originally founded in Red Deer, Alberta and at the time, the company only distributed toys, until we made the leap into manufacturing toys in 2006. According to Brad Pederson, President & CEO of Tech 4 Kids, “we grew a company from a basement that was in western Canada to the largest distributer in Canada at the time”. The company then took another leap forward when we were able to secure a deal to enter the Chinese toy market. Entering the Chinese toy market had its challenges; however Tech 4 Kids were able to receive a Chinese-issued certificate, making it possible to enter. As we entered into a whole new territory, we needed to find a partner in China to help us tackle the market. Once the right partner was found, we were confident that the company would be able to have a successful launch into the Chinese market. At the time, we had about 50 employees in Canada and China, which has grown since then. 

Brad Pederson, President & CEO of Tech 4 Kids once said “I create meaningful impact in my team of people here first, and then through them, influence millions of people around the world”. As we continue to grow as a company, our goal is to continue to thrive and create products that leave lasting memories for children. We are passionate about creating quality products and staying committed to standing by those we serve. Giving back to the community has always been a priority at Tech 4 Kids, and this is something that can be traced back to our roots. We are avid partners with different local charities, are continually participating in different events and foundations. These values are what help motivate us to move forward and ignite hope.

Some of our current brands include Gemmies, 3D Magic, Mash’Ems & Fash’Ems, Fright Factory, and more!

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