Do it yourself (DIY) toys that become 3D creations stimulate minds like no other toy category. Without a doubt, these toys have remained popular during the rise of tech toys and there are multiple reasons behind this. From improving multiple developmental skills to entertaining children for hours, build your own toys are trending. Here are some top benefits attached to playing with these toys:


Mental Stimulation

Challenge your child’s brain at an early age with build your own toys. Providing toys that require problem solving for the purpose of connecting pieces to create a 3D product is a learning opportunity. The brain needs to be worked out, just like the body, to encourage logical thinking and the necessary skills that enable children to take on challenges.


Stimulates Children’s Creativity

Creativity is the essence of innovative thinking. When a child imagines what he or she wants to build and then puts the pieces together to create that image, their intellectual horizons expand which paves the way for a creative future. Some toys that exemplify this include the ImagiPen, which is a drawing pen that lets kids create 3D art in mid-air.


Fine Motor Skill Development

Building with hands improves hand-eye coordination which is essential to a child’s development and encourages greater independence while building muscle memory because the motions necessary to create 3D objects are repeated. For example, Gemmies lets your connect crystals to create jewelry, various figurines and much more.  These are a great way to consistently use fine motor movements.



There are many benefits to creation toys. Parents are always on the search for toys that benefit their children and encourage development. In addition to these benefits, build your own toys encourage independent play and challenge children to think outside of the box.


Consider these benefits the next time you want to create your own DIY creation! Happy building!