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    38" Soft Riderz - Polaris The most portable sled we provide. Our 38" Soft Rider weighs as little as a feather and can be rolled up for extreme portability. This isn't any ordinary thin sled though, so you won't be hurting... More
    42" Snow Riderz - Polaris It's a bird, it's a plane! No, it's YOU blasting down the hill on our 42" Snow Rider! This single rider sled knows its stuff as it's been around for years teaching kids how to go fast down toboggan... More
    47" Edge Board - Polaris On our 47 Edge board we've taken the traditional toboggan and given it a complete re-design. Shaped just like a rocket, this sled will fly down the hill at ridiculous speeds. Complete with the... More
    50" Snow Riderz - Polaris Our monstrous 50" Snow Rider is a sled designed for multiple riders. Whether you're riding the luxurious board solo or with a friend, you're sure to pick up a ton of speed down the hill. No problem... More
    Snow MX - Polaris The Polaris Snow MX by Outer Edge, combines the smooth glide of a snowboard with the steering of a BMX bike. The unique design allows you to carve big turns, blast down the slopes and do awesome... More
    Summit Surfer - Polaris Conquer the mountain with the world's first combination sled! This adjustable board allows you to blast down the mountain with your choice of 2 riding modes. Sit down and hang on to blast down the... More
    Snow Moto - Polaris Rush GET READY FOR THE ULTIMATE THRILL ON THE HILL with the Polaris Snow Moto. The Snow Moto's award winning design features: front end suspension, pro grip steering, full functioning brakes, tow rope... More
    Snow Pilot - Polaris Inspired by the Red Bull Art of Flight movie, Outer Edge Industries set out into the mountains of British Columbia to film the most extensive, intense, and action packed Winter Sled commercial ever... More