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Welcome to Tech 4 Kids! We’re so glad you stopped by.

At Tech 4 Kids we are passionate about our purpose, which is to deliver WOW and create smiles! We do this by developing children’s entertainment products that are created to inspire joy and spark the imagination of kids.

Ingrained deep in the company is a unique corporate culture which drives us to be innovative and to strive for excellence. Our decisions are influenced by our steadfast commitment to living our our company’s core values..

We strive to make a positive impact on the world through our activities and we understand that this only happens by curating and empowering a talented team. We know that attracting and retaining the right people is a major key to our success. As such Tech 4 Kids continues to seek out the best candidates which compliment our core values, purpose and mission.

Tech 4 Kids has offices in Canada, Hong Kong and China and we ship our products on a worldwide basis to over 80 countries. We are proud of the global network of companies that we work with and we continually seek out best in class partnership opportunities.

At Tech 4 Kids we are committed to creating excellence and as such you can be assured that with our products they will be something the kids in your life will love. With a strong portfolio of popular products you can expect Tech 4 Kids to create smiles and deliver WOW...that’s our promise to you.

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Ideas For Father’s Day

Once a year, we’re able to get together and celebrate our fathers the way they’re meant to be. Sure, we all love and care about Dad—but how often do we really get a chance to show him? Celebrate Father’s Day 2016 with some special activities that you and your little ones can do to make […]

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Rainy Day Activities

We all know the struggle of finding something fun for the kids to do when it’s dull and rainy outside. As much as they want to sit around and watch TV and movies, you probably want them to do something a little more interactive, but they’re sick of all their toys. Luckily, we’ve got you […]

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Reading Out Loud: The What And Why Of Doing It For Your Kids

Reading to your kids is important. It creates valuable bonding time between you and your little ones, and helps encourage them to read later on in life. But in the age of technology, it’s possible the classic things, like bedtime stories or rainy day cuddles, are being forgotten. Here’s why you shouldn’t forget to read […]

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Online Safety For Kids

  It’s 2016. Your kids are probably more tech-savvy than you will ever hope to be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get with the times, Momma! Keeping our kids safe is what we’re all about here, and, first things first, that means understanding the online platforms they’re using and what websites they’re checking out. […]

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