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Welcome to Tech 4 Kids! We’re so glad you stopped by.

Tech 4 Kids is a privately owned Canadian toy manufacturer, known for combining meaningful brands with fresh innovation.

Ingrained deep in the company is a unique corporate culture which drives us to strive for excellence. Our decisions are influenced by our steadfast corporate values.

To make our mark in history we rely on our team of highly motivated individuals. We know that attracting and retaining the right talent is the key to success. Tech 4 Kids continues to seek out the best candidates which compliment our values and our mission.

Tech 4 Kids is a worldwide presence with products in over 80 countries. We are proud of our global partnerships and continue to look for new avenues and opportunities.

You can count on Tech 4 Kids to make the toys you love, from your favourite films, TV shows and kids media. With a strong portfolio of popular licences, expect Tech 4 Kids to create smiles and deliver wow, that’s our promise to you.

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May The Fourth Be With You

Today is Star Wars Day, but tomorrow will be the Revenge of the Fifth. Is your kiddo a Sith or a Jedi? Are they fighting for the dark side or for the alliance? With the emergence of the new Star Wars movie, there’s a ton of new little fans out there—which is all for the […]

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The 4 Best Ways to Organize your Mash’Ems & Fash’Ems

  We know the drill. You’ll spend hours organizing your children’s toys only to leave the room and come back five minutes later to a complete disaster! This problem only gets worse as your child’s collection of Mash’Ems and Fash’Ems grows! You’ll need a fail-proof way to keep them all organized. Tech 4 Kids is […]

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How to Throw the BEST Superhero Themed Birthday Party!

Does your little one have a birthday coming up? With the recent release of the Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice movie, Superhero fever is running high! Throw your child an epic birthday party with the help of Tech4Kids! From a Mash’Ems treasure hunt to Batman themed decorations, we have the four best ideas to […]

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ImagiPen takes STEAM by Storm!

Let your imagination soar with the ImagiPen! Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math or STEAM is a hot trend in toys and education. Parents and teachers are looking for new ways to inspire youth and introduce them to STEAM. The ImagiPen was a hit last month at New York Toy Fair 2016! The ImagiPen allows […]

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