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At Tech 4 Kids we are passionate about our purpose, which is to deliver WOW and create smiles! We do this by developing children’s entertainment products that are created to inspire joy and spark the imagination of kids.

Ingrained deep in the company is a unique corporate culture which drives us to be innovative and to strive for excellence. Our decisions are influenced by our steadfast commitment to living our our company’s core values..

We strive to make a positive impact on the world through our activities and we understand that this only happens by curating and empowering a talented team. We know that attracting and retaining the right people is a major key to our success. As such Tech 4 Kids continues to seek out the best candidates which compliment our core values, purpose and mission.

Tech 4 Kids has offices in Canada, Hong Kong and China and we ship our products on a worldwide basis to over 80 countries. We are proud of the global network of companies that we work with and we continually seek out best in class partnership opportunities.

At Tech 4 Kids we are committed to creating excellence and as such you can be assured that with our products they will be something the kids in your life will love. With a strong portfolio of popular products you can expect Tech 4 Kids to create smiles and deliver WOW...that’s our promise to you.

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Cavity-Free Loot Bags

For any parent out there, the arrival of warmer weather is synonymous with more outdoor parties, sleepovers and birthday parties for your children. Aside from all the games, food and music that kids enjoy at these summertime events, the loot bag is always an important tradition that they look forward to.   Kids love parties […]

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Sleeping with a Night Light

We’ve all heard the stories of monsters in every child’s bedroom. While most will eventually outgrow their fears, not every child can shake off the Mike Wazowskis or Randall Boggs that live in their bedrooms. A licensed night light is a fun way to help calm their fears as children often associate characters from their […]

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Why Top Licenses Drive the Toys Everyone is Looking For

In the world of toys, trends drive the industry. From STEM toys to blind bags, the industry is constantly changing to meet these trends in order to drive revenue. One constant driver trumps all these other trends. We’re talking about licensed toys! Whether it’s Transformers, Avengers or Justice League, our favorite movie or cartoon franchises […]

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Cavity-Free Collectible Easter Baskets

This time each year, we sometimes scramble to create the perfect Easter baskets for family and friends. Traditionally, we head to the candy aisle to find delectable chocolates and sugary treats, but neglect to think of the damage that these treats can cause to oral hygiene, especially in children. Tech 4 Kids, a leader and […]

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